How to Make Your Bathroom Slip-Proof?

How to Make Your Bathroom Slip-Proof?

Bathroom slips are the most common and dangerous accidents that may cause serious injuries or even fatal. While anybody can slip, older adults and kids fall in the high-risk category of bathroom accidents. The most prevalent bathroom accidents include slipping on the wet tiles in the shower because the combination of soap, water, and smooth surface doubles the risk, as do the chances of tripping over the different items on the floor.

Why Do Accidents in the Bathroom Happen?

Here are the significant slip & fall accidents you must be wary of:-

Wet Flooring: The no.1 cause of bathroom accidents is wet flooring. Make sure you frequently dry out the bathroom floor before anybody uses it, both the elders and kids.

Poor Lighting: Yes, if you want dim lighting in your bathroom to create a tranquil ambiance, but this is dangerous, especially during the night when you are in half-sleep. 

Showering: Slips and trips during showering are quite common if there is soap and shampoo are spread over the flooring, making the surface slippery.

Tips to Avoid Bathroom Slips

Ditch the Thug Rug

Believe me; these slippery flooring coverings are a major cause of bathroom flip & fall accidents in our homes and offices. However, if you still want to have the thug rug, secure them to the floor using the double-faced tape, slip-resistant backings, or tacks.

Prevent Tub or Shower Slippage

It is no surprise that the tub or the shower flooring area is the most slippery part of a residential or commercial bathroom. Put in some anti slip tape for the bathroom in your tub or shower to have extra foot grips to prevent falls.

Keep It Clean

Make sure the entire bathroom, right from the bathtub to the shower, is clean & dry. Regularly get rid of the soap mold or residue. Maintaining your shower and bathtub will improve the life of your plumbing fixtures. Install anti-slip tapes throughout the bathroom, such as the bathroom, shower, or areas where slipping chances are maximum. The non slip tape is a special type of tape that helps in reducing slips and falls. They are non-abrasive, foot-friendly, and can be easily installed; all you’ve to do is clean the surface, peel off the sticker, and place it.

Light up

While your bathroom is probably well lit during the day, however the same cannot be said about the odd hours of the day. Ensure that the bathroom lighting fittings are adequate to brighten up every nook and corner of the bathroom.

Raise the Toilet Seat

Is the toilet seat low? Consider buying a toilet with a higher seat or a seat extender. A toilet with a low seat makes it really challenging to get up safely, not only it takes a lot of effort, but there is always a chance of slipping if the flooring is wet. If you or someone in the house has mobility issues, then the last thing they want is getting up and down a low toilet seat.

The anti-skip bathroom tapes are quite handy to be installed at our home and office bathrooms. They are available in various color options to complement your bathroom’s lavish interiors.

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