How to Get Stains Out of a Car Seats?

How to Get Stains Out of a Car Seats?

Every car owner simply hates having stains on their car seats because they affect the interiors’ appeal and are stubborn to get rid of. Car seat stains are quite common, you are on a road trip with your family, and then as you were on the hill road, your child vomited, or remember the last time you or someone accidentally dropped an open can of soda on the backseat. Beyond the stain’s unsightly appearance, if you plan to sell off your car in the second-hand market, all those stains will undoubtedly impact its market worth. This article will discuss how you can prevent car seat stains and ways to remove them professionally.

How to Prevent Car Seat From Stains?

Here Are Some Best Tips to Prevent Car Seat Stains:-

No Food & Drinks

Make it a rule that nobody will eat or drinks in the car, not even you. This way, you can significantly cause car stain accidents due to food or drink spills.

Tissue Papers

Always keep a box of tissue paper in the car so that anybody can clean their dirty hands, rather than leaving fingerprints on the car seat. 

Seat Cover

Save the original car seat by installing an external seat cover; this would come in handy if you want to sell off your car.

Prompt Action

You can prevent stubborn stains on your seat by taking prompt action; as soon something falls on the car seat, keep it up, don’t wait for a day or two for the stain to become permanent.

Steps to Remove Stains From Car Seat

Step 1:Wipe the stained car area and surround it with a dry cloth to eliminate the dust or debris settled on it.

Step 2: Buy a high-quality foam cleaner that can be used to clean cloth fabric. These car seat stain removers are available from specialized car accessory stores or online from top brands in the market.

Step 3: First, spray a few squirts of the cleaner on the car seat area with a stain. Scrub it using a toothbrush. Do it gently.

Wipe away the extra foam clean with a clean towel, and repeat the process multiple until the stain becomes invisible. Be very careful that you don’t spray too close or too much quantity as the seat may absorb it through the cloth to the cushion underneath. Seat cushions with a wet solution can mold or leave a foul odor.

In the end, it is highly advisable to do comprehensive research when deciding on car seat cleaner; make sure you buy something safe to use and won’t affect the durability of the car seat. You can also seek the advice of your garage guy. Besides, strictly make everyone adhere to the rule of no eating or drinking in the car.

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