DI-502 SUV Car Diesel Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner for Mileage Improvement & Deposit Cleaning (354 ml)

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This Diesel Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner is one of the most beneficial product for your vehicle where it promotes the quick start. It helps in increasing the mileage undoubtedly. The...


This Diesel Fuel Treatment and Injector Cleaner is one of the most beneficial product for your vehicle where it promotes the quick start. It helps in increasing the mileage undoubtedly.

The product works efficiently in removing the gum and deposits therefore keeps the engines in good state. It maintains the peak performance and helps in removing the water from diesel fuel tank.


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Abro DI-502 or Stanadyne performance formula, You can choose any one of them! Both are good

I was a user of Abro DI-502 for about two years & until a few months back when I came to know about "Stanadyne performance formula - ALL SEASON", searched the Amazon and internet for purchase, did not find one, however, was fortunate to find the shop selling the same locally near my home. After using Stanadyne performance formula - ALL SEASON, I can say that Abro DI-502 was GOOD, however, Stanadyne performance formula is the best

Worth a try....

Hi everyone 👋... Would like to share my experience on the product after a couple of uses. And after reading a lot of negative reviews which says it doesn't give any changes.. this review is to explain them and those reading the negative reviews to better understand what is the problem..First thing before you use the product need to understand that this is not some magical solution that sets right all the mechanical faults of the vehicle.. it is just a simple diesel addictive which helps MAINTAIN YOUR VEHICLE AND NOT REPAIR.. in case you have black smoke and want it to be arrested u need to look into a lot of aspects ur turbocharger ur injectors need to be inspected by a professional mechanic . My vehicle elite i20 2017 had a problem with all the above Turbo and one injector which was over pumping Diesel.. Initially I gave abro a try before repairs it still had the same complaints took it to a professional he trouble shooted the root cause and rectified.. However still adviced me to continue using a regular addictive and I continued using abro. First time not much off a difference but I did notice a considerable amount of carbon being thrown out of my exhaust which was stuck in my converter due to faulty turbo and injector.. second use found a drastic reduction in engine noise.. third use complete arrest of black smoke.. and another thing to be taken in consideration is the composition. The 1:10 ml doesn't work effectively. I used I whole bottle of Abro to 23 ltrs Diesel which was around 2000 rs.. mileage though has no difference.. but the addictive was only helpful to bring the vehicle back after a proper diagnosis of the root cause.. so this is just a first aid kit for ur car.. if ur car has underlying problems do not expect anything out of this addictive.. however it's still worth a try if you want to save a few bucks before trouble shooting for major problems on ur vehicle.. and also advised to use on every 2500 rs diesel. Based on my experience... Hope it's helpful to those who are planning to purchase it..

Hetal Abhinav Rodda
VFM Fuel Additive

Effective and VFM regular fuel additive.

Sumit Dnyanesh Tambekar
Worth using this product at very nominal price

I used diesel injector cleaner in Tata Manza Quadrajet which ran 86000 kms and almost 5 years old.I found positive difference in pick-up.Earlier on traffic signal while my car is ON the RPM on idle (on gear ZERO) used to be in between 1 to 2 RPM; this has reduced now. My car's RPM on signal is below 1.I do not see any major difference in car's engine noise; it may be because my car is almost 5 years old. I think using Injector cleaner on every 20000 kms is worth.In order to keep your engine young; change your air filter on every 5000 kms and change diesel filter on every 10000 kms and change engine oil on every 10000 kms. I will recommend using full synthetic oil; this oil costs higher but it tunes engine and turbo very well and keeps your engine's power intact.

Satyavrat M.
Good Product would recommend to use

used in Ford Fiesta 1.4TDCi Diesel Engine. After its use, I have felt good amount of increase in performance from the car.Helps cleaning injectors and sludge if any in the fuel system.

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